About Us

ZeroPace is a leading global supplier of software covering Mobile, Online and Windows Training Logs. We have over 20 years commercial software experience, and over 25 years of sporting experience, spanning mountain biking, cycling, swimming, running, triathlon and duathlon, we are in a position to meet the demands of any sport.

We provide solutions to coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. Our commitment to quality, service and innovation helps them to succeed at their chosen sports.

The ZeroPace Training Log is the most sophisticated and versatile training log on the market today. The increased flexibility and features means we can provide the best and most appropriate way of allowing you to keep track of your health, fitness, training and racing data.

We hope you enjoy the ZeroPace Training Log and that it helps you become more successful in your training and racing. If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us.

What others have said about the ZeroPace Training Log:

"Can I just say, I think that the product is really great. I spent years looking for something that would do the multi-sport side, and allow customisation of data fields for some specific personal stuff I wanted to store. ZeroPace works like a treat - now I just have to convince myself to upgrade to a Polar monitor so I can grab detailed HRM data in, and I'll be laughing! Just thought I'd say well done on a very well made product." - Richard - UK

"Your software makes creating my cycling plan a snap. The HR graphs are also very easy to read and your customer support outstanding." - Ed - USA

"Overall, I think you've got a great program. There doesn't seem to be many good exercise/training logs out there, and you definitely have one of, if not, the best available." - Thom - USA

"I've been looking for a professionally finished, multi-sport package for a while and this is the best so far." - Doug - UK

"Firstly, thanks for a great application. I spent a few weeks trialing about five different training log programs and finally chose to purchase Training Log, mainly due to the value for money, feel and (most importantly) the fact that it seems to be regularly updated." - David - UK

"You have a great product here and the reason is it's power and simplicity...as Development Manager for Cycling Australia my duties include coaching. At this point with some more product experience under my belt I am sure I will be recommending ZeroPace to others." - Tom Skulander - Development Manager Cycling Australia

"Well I've used the training log program for several days now and I must say, it's the best program of its' type (I've tried many)!" - Joel - USA

"From a total of 16 products that I have looked at in around three months, ZeroPace Training Log seems to be a better product with an intelligent development path, you obviously have some excellent athlete input." - David - Australia

"I have registered your product - and your fast and helpful responses helped in the decision - the flexibility and number of graphs available is excellent." - Will - Switzerland

"Iíve spent the last two days downloading trials of different sporting software, and I think that your product is the best Iíve come across! It has a nice design, works fast, and is extremely flexible." - Patrick - New Zealand

" I love your software! Im totally impressed by the support you are giving. Under my 20 years using software I have never had this support... never! Fast, personal and professional! I still think you should have a small fee for the upgrade. The support alone are worth it!!!" - Jimmy - Sweden

"The product is great and valuable to organized and serious athletes ... much more versatile and flexible than other products on the market." - Peter - USA

"I'm very impressed with the new functionality and look and feel! ... Thanks so much for all the hard work - it is much appreciated!" - Guy - USA

"i'm just getting into it (from my old paper log) and the more i use it the more i love it. keep it up. Very impressed with the level of support I'm getting with this product. Keep up the good work. Its refreshing." - Jonathon - UK

"Just a couple of notes about the Strength Entry Preview. First of all i have to say the idea is great - made it alot easier to put in strength workouts..." - Rob - UK

"trainings hard enough, but software like urs increases the percentage return on ur effort through better information directed planning."- Jack - Italy

"I have been looking for something like this for the last 9 months and this product is much better than some of the more expensive software I have seen available on the market." - Michael - UK

"Your recently updated training diary is amazing and helped me to get a time of 4:40 at a half Ironman. Thanks a million." - Eric - UK

"Thank u for making this fantastic piece of software, it makes a big difference to my trainig." - Jack - UK

"I'm amazed at the interest you guys have in constantly improving your product, given that so many forget the customer once he/she pays for the product. Truly impressive." - John - USA